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Moving to Puerto Rico? What to Know About Cargo Shipping to Puerto Rico

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If you’re successful on eBay then there is one thing you’ll be spending a lot of time on. That is packing and shipping items. This may seem simple at first but when shipping a large number of items you want things to be as cost effective as possible. Another important consideration is your time. Time is valuable, the more time you spend shipping the less time you have for other important aspects of your business.Now this blog is about selling video games on eBay so we’ll focus on that area but many of the same tips apply to other items as well.

Have your own scale. A lot of video game items will 중국배대지 not really need to be weighed. For example once you know the weight of one Nintendo NES cartridge you pretty much know the weight of every other NES cartridge. You should still have a scale though for those odd items with bonus material or lots of unsold games (believe me you’ll have them).

Be friendly with your postal workers. Making small talk with your local post office employees is not a waste of time. Doing so can help ensure that your packages don’t get rejected for some small inaccuracy in the size or weight of the package.

Print your postage online. eBay has just recently introduced eBay Labels that allows you to print up to fifty labels in bulk from your home computer. PayPal also features a multi-order shipping tool. Both are great tools that allow you to save time in printing out bulk shipping labels. There are some differences though PayPal multi-order shipping allows up to 100 shipping labels at once and can import labels from non eBay transactions. eBay Labels has the advantage of being able to print First Class International Postage and USPS Regional Box Postage.

Buy bubble mailers. For video games nothing is better than the bubble mailer. Drop the game in and stick a label on it and you’re pretty much done. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can save money by shipping games in large envelopes or in spare boxes. In the end you probably won’t save much money and you’ll end up spending more time on homemade packaging for your games. Be prepared, buy bubble mailers in bulk. The best place to buy bubble mailers is actually eBay itself. If you buy in lots of 100s of each size you need it shouldn’t cost more that $0.15 per mailer.

Get Free Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes. With video game consoles the best idea is to grab various size Flat Rate Boxes from the USPS. Many consoles fit in these boxes and it makes it much more convenient than weighing each and every one of them. Most of the time it is cheaper or about the same as sending the console Parcel Post especially if the buyer lives in a different region. These can also come in handy for video game lots or combined shipments.

Recycle old boxes. When you receive boxes break them down and store them for those odd items that don’t fit into any flat rate boxes or envelopes like an original Xbox for example